A blended active detection strategy for intelligent cyber-attacks in networked control systems

In recent years, different solutions have been proposed to detect advanced stealthy cyber-attacks against networked control systems. In this article, we propose a blended detection scheme that properly leverages and combines two existing detection ideas, namely, watermarking and moving target. In particular, a watermarked signal and a nonlinear static auxiliary function are combined to both limit the attacker's disclosure resources and obtain an unidentifiable moving target. The proposed scheme is capable of detecting a broad class of false data injection attacks, including zero-dynamics, replay, and covert attacks. Moreover, it is shown that the proposed approach mitigates the drawbacks of standard moving target and watermarking defense strategies. Finally, an extensive simulation study is reported to contrast the proposed detector with recent competitor schemes and provide tangible evidence of the effectiveness of the proposed solution

M. Ghaderi, K. Gheitasi, W. Lucia, IEEE Transactions on Control of Network Systems ( Volume: 8, Issue: 1, March 2021)