On securing cloud-hosted cyber-physical systems using trusted execution environments

Recently, cloud control systems have gained increasing attention from the research community as a solution to implement networked cyber-physical systems (CPSs). Such an architecture can reduce deployment and maintenance costs albeit at the expense of additional security and privacy concerns. In this paper, first, we discuss state-of-the-art security solutions for cloud control systems, and their limitations. Then, we propose a novel control architecture based on Trusted Execution Environments (TEE).We show that such an approach can potentially address major security and privacy issues for cloud hosted control systems. Finally, we present an implementation setup based on Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX), and validate its effectiveness on a testbed system. 

Authors: A. M. Naseri, W. Lucia, and M. Mannan, A. Youssef

Paper Accepted for publication and presentation at the IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Systems (ICAS), 2021