General Information

(the information is currently under revision)

Course Description

  • The ELEC/COEN 490 project is intended as a capstone course for students at Concordia University
  • It provides students with a significant design experience and integration of knowledge from several courses
  • It also provides students with a means to practice project management, technical writing, and technical presentation skills
  • Students are expected to gain industrial design experience as much as possible
  • Students are required to work together in teams and to learn new material

Registration Requirements

  • Minimum of 75 credits in your BEng program or permission of the Department
  • Students can't register until a graduation audit is done
  • No registration without prerequisites
  • FNS, DEF, INC, PEND do not satisfy prerequisite requirements
  • Prerequisites:
    • Computer Engineering: ENGR 371, COEN 352, COEN 390; ELEC 311 or SOEN 341
    • Electrical Engineering: ENGR 371, COEN 311, ELEC 364 or 342, ELEC 390
  • Readmitted students must repeat Ds and replace them with Cs (or higher) for 490 prerequisites
  • Students can not take COEN/ELEC490 without completion of the 200 level course
  • No special approvals or exceptions

General Work Schedule

  • Students should keep an engineering log book of their activity during all phases of the project
  • Each student is expected to spend some 8 to 12 hours per week on the project
  • The project is divided into three phases

Phase 1

  • Project definition, objective, function, tecnical specifications, applications, client targeted
  • Technical contents of the project (structure, components,..., simulation/test plans)
  • Work plan and task ditribution
  • Budget
  • ...

Phase 2

  • Design/simulation/Implementation/testing
  • Design Review
  • Update of the schedule and plan (final deliverables evaluated against the revised plan)

Phase 3

  • Design/simulation/Implementation for the completion of the project
  • Verification and testing, measurement, assessment of the project quality
  • Pre-demo
  • Final report and demo/poster

Course Requirements

  • All the deliverables are prepared by each team.
  • Guidelines to Profesional Practice (OIQ)
  • Suggested book on Project Management: Project Management & Teamwork, by Karl Smith.


Phase 1
Report (10-20 pages)
Presentation (total time: 15 minutes per group)

Phase 2
Group Report (maximum 20 pages)
Presentation ( maximum 20 minutes per group)

Phase 3
Pre-demo will be held as the last milestone prior the submission of the final report.

Group Report
(maximum 50 pages)
Final Poster/Demo



1. Academic inquiries, project assignment

2. Resources and technical questions

3. General questions, schedules, presentation times, special events

Grading Scheme

     Please check it out from  Capstone Outline.