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    "Most materials currently in use contain no chemicals and are quite inert. But they have high embodied energy, cannot easily be recycled and are often unpleasant to handle. Renewable materials score well against these criteria, and are easy and safe to install."

    Definition of construction materials at This link has not been

    Web Links (11): Notes
      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Annotated Bibliography of the Building Envelope
      "list of over 170 reference materials concerning the design, construction, and maintenance of the building envelope applicable to the context of British Columbia including references specific to the coastal climate"

      This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Buildcore - Building product information for Canada
      " the Canadian standard in construction and building product information - helping the Canadian building and design community leverage its time and expertise to develop accurate construction documents", 12,000 building products available in Canada

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006CANMET Mineral Technology Branch (MTB)
      "the science and technology arm of the Minerals and Metals Sector of Natural Resources Canada. .. R&D on minerals and metals cycle from explosives to mining and mineral processing, downstream processing and fabrication, and recycling. ..."

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006CBD
      "240 of the 250 Canadian Building Digests published between 1960 and 1990 by NRC's Institute for Research in Construction. The topics reflect the diversity of the industry and cover virtually every aspect of design and construction in Canada."

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006CIB W40
      "To explore the phenomena of heat, moisture and air transfer in buildings, components and materials; ? To formulate laws governing the physics involved; ? To define, measure and discuss the hygrothermal properties of materials and building components; ? To apply the acquired knowledge to the design, execution and maintenance of buildings " By This link was checked on Dec. 2006CIB

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Environmental Effects of Building Materials
      "This paper uses recent scientific data to test the validity of the perceptions uncovered in the survey: wood was considered the most environmentally friendly building material (masonry ranked second, concrete third, and steel fourth). "

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Housing Zone
      consumer site for house related information

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006publications at Building Materials and Wood Technology
      2 dozens of online publications on wood related issues.

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006RCI-Mercury - Resource for Roofing and Waterproofing Information
      Excellent "online roofing and waterproofing document resource. " on Coatings Codes, Associations, Standards, Wood Expansion Joints, etc.; ...technical journal of the Roof Consultants Institute.

      This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Technical Preservation Guidance
      This site has a nice description of building components, including exterior envelopes and interior walls, with specific references to historical buildings.

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006The outer shell
      info about "Shelter is the task of a house's exterior shell: the roofing, siding, windows, doors and related components that provide a barrier between indoors and outdoors." at How Your House Works

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