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    durability: building envelope

    Durability is an overriding consideration. Taken broadly it can be measured in terms of the time until some loss of function occurs that renders the service provided unacceptable. It is not a fundamental property of a material; it depends on the degrading effects of the service and the environment to which it is exposed. It is more appropriate to refer to service, life, as this properly implies the effects of the particular conditions of service.

    The environment at any plane in the wall may be determined by the arrangement and selection of the materials used. The designer may, therefore, by judicious arrangement greatly ease the requirements for the various elements and thus broaden his choice. The real importance of durability is reflected in the cost of maintaining all the required functions of the wall over the required service life.

    "Using wall construction techniques appropriate to the environment is a basic principle of building durability." CWC-

    "In general, durability is a building's (or material's) ability to maintain its performance over time and use. The advantages are well-known: durable materials and building systems are long lasting, can reduce maintenance and repair costs, and are often cost-effective from a life-cycle perspective. Additional benefits include minimized disruption of building operations (due to repairs or extensive maintenance) and environmental benefits resulting from the reduced disposal and replacement of materials." ---

    , 1999, Improving durability in housing - background paper

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      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Wood Durability web site
      "offering up-to-date information to help wood users get the most life out of wood construction products", provided by the Canadian Wood Council and Forintek Canada Corp.

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