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    brick, masonry, mortar

    "The history of clay brick is as long as it took human beings realise that in the magical combination of earth, air, fire and water, they had at their fingertips a unique and durable building medium. Sun-dried bricks go back to at least 13 000 BC, though kiln-fired bricks were first produced during the Bronze Age - around 3 000 B C.

    Less than a year from the arrival of Van Riebeeck at the Cape, the first kiln of ˇ°hard, red Cape Bricksˇ± was fired. By the time of the first British occupation in 1795, the clay brick tradition in Southern Africa was well established.

    In Europe there are brick buildings still standing that date back to the 12th century - over 8000 years old. Modern brick-making techniques produce bricks that are even more durable. When you build in clay brick, you build to last - for centuries." by This link was checked on Dec. 2006Clay Brick Association

    "Brick veneers pose a special challenge in wall design and performance because they are reservoir cladding systems. When they get wet from rain, they act like a reservoir or sponge. The wet bricks can then get heated above the ambient temperature by solar radiation, creating a powerful inward-acting concentration gradient and thermal gradient. These gradients are exacerbated by air conditioning (cooling and dehumidifying the interior)." (This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006source)

    The This link has not been checked.Brick Industry Association: provides many fundamental information, and latest development.



    This link was broken when checked on Dec. 20061927 Fire Destroyed Tecumseh College

    This link was checked on Dec. 2006Hanson Brick, a NA supplier

    Brick: ASTM C-62, C216, C652 for building brick, facing brick and hollow brisk,

    Mortars: ASTM C-270

    This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Durable Masonry- Related Publications - Rehabilitation of Masonry Wall Assemblies, gave several IRC publications

    Web Links (2): Notes
      This link was broken when checked on Dec. 2006Buildcore - Building product information for Canada
      " the Canadian standard in construction and building product information - helping the Canadian building and design community leverage its time and expertise to develop accurate construction documents", 12,000 building products available in Canada

      This link was checked on Dec. 2006Pathology of building envelopes
      Pathology of building envelopes: restoration and durability of masonry construction: resources and bibliography

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