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Faculty and Research Associate


HDDr. Hoi Dick Ng (B.Eng., M.Eng., Ph.D., McGill University), Ing., FCSME


Research experiences

2005-2006       Postdoctoral Research Staff (NSERC Fellow)

       Combustion Laboratory, Princeton University

2006-2007       Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (NSERC Fellow)

       DAMTP, University of Cambridge

2007-2011       Assistant Professor

       Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Concordia University

2010-2013       M.Eng. Aerospace Program Director

2011-2017       Associate Professor

       Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Concordia University

2015-present   M.Eng. Aerospace Program Director

2017-present   Professor

       Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Concordia University



Graduate Students

·       Rocco Portaro M.A.Sc., Concordia’13 (Ph.D. student with NSERC PGS-D Scholarship)

·       Amy-Lee Gunter M.A.Sc., Concordia ’15 (Ph.D. student with NSERC doctoral Scholarship)

·       Ali Khalilzadeh (M.A.Sc. student) co-supervised with Dr. Hua Ge

·       Kelsey C. Tang-Yuk (M.Eng. McGill student) co-supervised with Prof. J.H.S. Lee


Undergraduate Students

·         Hugo Provencher (co-supervised with Dr. Kiyanda)

·         Hadi Jaber

·        Dihia Idrici (McGill University, co-supervised with Prof. J.H.S. Lee)



·       Jiaqing He (M.A.Sc. Concordia ’17) (co-supervised with Dr. Leon Wang)

·       Dr. Frederick Paquet, M.A. Sc., Concordia ’08, PhD. Concordia ’16, Consultant, General Dynamics.

·       Dr. Charles Kiyanda (B.Eng. (McGill), M.Eng. (McGill), Ph.D., Uni. Illinois) Assistant Professor, Concordia U.

·       Dr. Michelle Boyce (B.Sc. (U. Manitoba), M.Sc. (U. Alberta), M.Eng. Aerospace (Concordia), PhD, Carleton)

·       Abdallah Ali (M.A.Sc.)

·       Surena Ghazi-Hesami (M.A.Sc.) Application engineer, Ventrol/Nortek Air Handling Systems, Inc, QC

·       Anna Chtchetinina (M.A.Sc.) Application Engineer, Lin Engineering, USA, CA

·       Dr. Jian Li (Visiting PhD research intern) Researcher at Beijing Institute of Technology, China

·       Dr. Yuan Gao (Visiting PhD research intern) Researcher at Peking University, China

·       Dr. Navid Mehrjoo (Ph.D. Concordia) Co-Founder, Group EneSense Inc. Montreal, Canada

·       Haruka Nakayama (M.A.Sc.) Eurocopter, Japan

·       Guy-Joel Rocher (M.A.Sc.) (co-supervised with Dr. Medraj) Bombardier Aerospace

·       Dr. Bo Zhang (Beijing Institute of Technology) Associate Professor at ECUST, Shanghai, China

·       Hong Bin, Oh (M.Eng. Aerospace) Currently at Samsung Techwin, Korea

·       Guirec le Bouteiller (M.Eng. Project student) Project Coordinator  at AECOM, Denver, CO

·       Mohammad Rafiqul Haque (M.Eng. Aerospace) Currently at DEMA Aeronautics, Inc.

·       Kevin Tom (M.A.Sc. student) (co-supervised with Dr. K. Siddiqui) Currently at Simsmart Technologies, QC

·       Sara Fawal (4th year Undergraduate) NSERC-USRA award recipient. Currently M.Eng. student at Concordia

·       Ameer Otaky (M.Eng. Project student) Currently at Bombardier

·       Amr Mandour (M.A.Sc. ‘10) (co-supervised with Dr. G. Vatistas) Operations executive assistant, Schendler Ltd.

·       Miguel Gutierrez  M.A. Sc. ‘10) Currently at Bombardier

·       Remy Palmisano (M.A.Sc. ’09) Mechanical Designer at Thales Optronics

·       Leonardo Garavito (M.Eng. Aerospace, Concordia University)

·       Galin Brankov (4th year NSERC-USRA Student ’08 - co-supervised with Dr. L. Kadem)

·       Alexandra Camargo (M.Eng. McGill ’09)(co-supervised with Prof. J.H.S. Lee) Currently at Bombardier

·       Sam Hesami (M.A.Sc., Concordia ‘09) (co-supervised with Dr. M. Paraschivoiu) Currently at Rolls-Royces, CA

·       Maryam Ozair (M.Eng. Aerospace) Currently at Rolls-Royces, CA

·       Malek Mousa (M.A.Sc., Concordia ‘08) (co-supervised with Dr. R. Wüthrich) Process Engineer, London, ON

·       Christophe Tardif (2nd year NSERC-USRA Student ‘07)  Currently at CAE, Canada

·       Andre Isber (B.Eng. Concordia)

·       Dr. Jenny Chao (Ph.D., McGill University) (Research associate 2007-2008) Senior Scientist at FM Global


Previous Visitors

·        Sophie Qin Hu (Visiting Ph.D. student)

·        Alex Krause (Harvey Mudd College's Center for Environmental Studies 2009 Summer Research Student)

·         Raquel Robinson (Harvey Mudd College's Center for Environmental Studies 2009 Summer Research Student)

·         Xavier Robaglia (École des Mines de Douai, France ‘07) Engineer at PSA (Peugeot-Citroen), France

·         Honghui Teng (Chinese Academic of Sciences, China ‘08) Researcher Associate at CAS-China

·         Giuki Cael (CESAer program, Delft University of Technology, Netherlands ‘08) Engineer at TUI Arilines Belgium



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