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General Research Topics

Our group has a broad research interests in the following area:

High-speed reacting compressible flow: Fundamentals in explosion and detonation dynamics; Flame acceleration; Interactions of compressible turbulence with chemistry.

Alternative Fuels: Combustion characteristics of potential alternative fuels including hydrogen, dimethyl ether, syngas and bio-fuels; Modeling of fuel blends to improve safety, fuel energy and emission efficiency.

Energetic Materials: Condensed phase energetic materials modeling; Spectroscopy analysis.

Numerical Methods: CFD, High-order finite volume numerical schemes; Implicit Large Eddy Simulations (ILES); Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR); Adaptive and Overlapping Grid Method; Reduced chemical kinetics strategy.

Nonlinear Dynamics: Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in reactive flow phenomena; Logistic equation modeling.

Development of advanced propulsion system: Pulsed detonation engines; micro-combustion thruster

Shock Waves Phenomena: Blast wave theory; Shock interactions; Blast injury.

Surface Waves and Vortex Dynamics: water waves; SPH; Pattern formation.

Wind Energy: Turbulent flow field behind scaled wind turbine; Blades design.


2022 APS/DFD Gallery of Fluid Motion Milton Van Dyke Award


Presented at the 70th APS DFD Annual Meeting


31st APS Gallery of Fluid Motion Milton Van Dyke Award


29th APS Gallery of Fluid Motion Award

Featured in: Scientific American Image Gallery and APS website


28th Gallery of Fluid Motion Milton Van Dyke Award



Azimuthal solitary waves





Polygonal patterns within a hollow vortex core


Nonlinear chaotic attractor of a one-dimensional pulsating detonation


Visualization of an imploding circular wave

abstract_ graphics




Airfoil Wake LES Simulation and Soap-Film Experiments



Flamelet street in a meso-scale channel





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