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Research Studentship on:

Title: Experimental and Computational Study of Detonation Wave Initiation and Propagation



Applications are invited from Mechanical Engineering students (or related disciplines) for a Ph.D. studentship in experimental and computational thermofluids,




Project Description:


The objective of this project is to study the initiation process and the propagation dynamics of detonation waves. The candidate is expected to carry experiments using the detonation tube facility and Schlieren photographic diagnostics, analysis of mathematical models and the associated computational techniques for simulating the unsteady reactive flow.


Graduate Training:


This is a multidisciplinary project with strong emphasis in fundamentals thermofluids. It provides the candidate to acquire skills on experimental techniques, mathematical modeling contemporary numerical methods and the physics of reactive fluid flows. The skills in experimental diagnostic and computational mathematics are highly transferable and can be used in many other diverse scientific disciplines.




The project is supervised by Dr. H.D. Ng at the Combustion & Energy Systems Laboratory, Concordia University.


To apply:


Potential candidates are encouraged in the first instance to submit a letter of application and a CV to by email to: hoing@encs.concordia.ca


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