Real-time System Lab - COEN421

Real-time System lab is made up of four sets of Qball system, which consists of real-time develop workstation, real-time target machine - single board computers (SMC) and Qball as a plant.

The lab is connected to real-timenetwork, which is supported by real-time management server, data server and QNX remote access servers.

Lab information

  • Room: H867
  • Door-code: (for TAs only)
  • Four Qball setups.
  • Seats: the room can occupy 4 groups, e.g. about 12 seats.

System Information

  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Accounts: User's real-time account supported.
  • User interface: QNX Momentics, Matlab/Simulink

Old COEN421 file are still available.