My Recent Talks

Here are abstracts of my recent talks:

1. Service Composition, Adaptation, and Repair

Invited talk at the Workshop of Web Service Composition at CASCON2010, Toronto, Nov. 2

People study service composition under different assumptions - from stateless service models, to stateful process models; from requiring certain outputs, to matching the target processes; with or without semantics considerations. Some other problems, such as the service adaptation problem, can be modeled as some composition problems. Different approaches have been tried to solve the composition problems - from automatic reasoning to planning; from heuristic search to model checking.

In this talk, I first survey the state of the art by presenting a classification of the models and the solutions under the topic of service composition. I then propose the challenges in considering composition in a dynamic world. As an example, I present our recent work in repairing broken compositions as an adaptation mechanism to react to failures, updates of requirements, and available service set. Slides

2. Reparation of Service Compositions

Seminar at University of Twente, the Netherlands, Sept. 3, 2010

Automatic service composition is nowadays mainly a static affair, with compositions being built once for one query. Moving from a static to a dynamic world, where both available services and needs may change, requires automated techniques to correct broken compositions. Recomposition is a working solution but it requires to rebuild composition models from scratch. With graph planning as the service composition framework, we propose repair as an alternative to recomposition. Rather than discarding broken compositions, repair reuses and corrects them within the partially valid planning graph for fast generating new service compositions. We compare repair and recomposition using data sets from a service composition benchmark framework. Slides