Current Students

I have the privilege of supervising the following students:

  1. Tahmid Ahmad (Ph.D. in Software Engineering)
  2. Mehran Hassani (Master in Software Engineering, co-supervised with Dr. Weiyi Shang)

Past Postdoctoral Fellows

  1. Laleh M. Eshkevari (Postdoctoral Fellow)

Past Graduate Students

  1. Matin Mansouri, "Detection of Rename Local Variable Refactoring Instances in Commit History," M.Comp.Sc., January 2018.


  2. Davood Mazinanian, "Eliminating Code Duplication in Cascading Style Sheets," Ph.D. in Software Engineering, August 2017.


  3. Asif AlWaqfi, "A Refactoring Technique for Large Groups of Software Clones," M.Comp.Sc., February 2017.


  4. Shahriar Rostami Dovom, "Identification of JavaScript Function Constructors Using Static Source Code Analysis," M.Comp.Sc., August 2016.


  5. Guo Qiao, "Mining and Analysis of Control Structure Variant Clones," M.Comp.Sc., April 2015.


  6. Giri Panamoottil Krishnan, "Improving the Unification of Software Clones using Tree and Graph Matching Algorithms," M.Comp.Sc., April 2014.


Past Undergraduate Students

  1. Zackary Valenta (NSERC USRA - Summer 2014)
  2. Kimberly Dextras-Romagnino (NSERC USRA - Summer 2013)


  3. Raphael Stein (NSERC USRA - Summer 2013)


Research Topics

Our research group focuses on the area of software maintenance, and particularly on design quality improvement and design evolution analysis.

We currently offer several interesting projects (see below) for Master's and PhD students. If you are interested in these projects or have your own ideas for projects in the aforementioned research areas, please contact me at tsantalis [at] Don't forget to attach your CV and provide details about previous research projects you have worked on, and software projects you have developed. Candidates are expected to meet the following criteria:

Detection of Refactoring Opportunities

Automatic classification of source code changes into maintenance types

Analysis of dependencies/conflicts between refactoring opportunities

Empirical studies on Refactoring activity

Source code analysis on Cloud Computing Infrastructures

Research Funding