Prospective Students




Process, voltage, and tempture robust circuits and techniques

Title: Comparator calibration for flash ADCs.
Investigator: Frank Bernardo, PhD student.

Title: High-performance static-CMOS ring voltage-controlled oscillators.
Investigator: Guofei Zhou, M.A.Sc student.

Title: A linearized voltage-controlled oscillator for dual-path phase-locked loops.
Invesitgator: Glenn Cowan, Assistant Professor.

Title: An oscillator based current-mode logic circuit calibration scheme.
Investigator: Mahammad Javanmardi-nasab, M.Eng student.
End date: Oct. 2010.

Title: A noise reconfigurable voltage-controlled oscillator.
Investigator: Majid Behbahani, M.Eng student.
End date: Aug. 2010.

Title: A dynamic back-end-of-the-line customization technique for yield improvement.
Investigator: Ardavan Aryanpour, M.A.Sc student.
End date: Aug. 2010.

Title: Temperature compensation of Gm-C filters using a resistive bridge.
Investigator: Arash Moradi, M.A.Sc student, co-supervised with Dr. Rabin Raut.
End date: Sept. 2009.

Analog implementations of decoders and other computation systems

Title: Analog implementation of TS-LDPC decoders.
Investigator: Alireza Rabbani, PhD student, co-supervised with Dr. Yousef Shayan.

Title: Toward the implementation of analog LDPC decoders for long codewords.
Investigator: Shahaboddin Moazzeni, M.A.Sc student co-supervised with Dr. Warren Gross (McGill)
End date: Sept. 2009

Title: A VLSI analog computer / math co-processor for a digital computer
Investigator: Glenn Cowan, PhD student (Thesis). Supervised by Professor Yannis Tsividis (Columbia)
End date: May 2005.

Analog predistortion for radio-over-fibre systems

Title: Amplifier-based tuneable RF predistortion for radio-over-fibre systems.
Investigator: Jingfang Liu, M.A.Sc student, co-supervised with Dr. John Zhang.

Title: A novel analog broadband RF predistortion circuit to linearize electro-absorption modulators in multiband OFDM radio-over-fibre systems.
Investigator: Yiming Shen, M.A.Sc student, co-supervised with Dr. John Zhang
End date: April 2010.

Micro-watt wireless receivers for biomedical applications

Investigator: Shahab Moazzeni, PhD student, co-supervised with Dr. Mohamad Sawan (Ecole Polytechnique)

Power reduction techniques in clock distribution networks with emphasis on resonant clocking 

Investigator: Seyed Esmaeili, PhD student, co-supervised with Dr. Asim Al-Khalili

Passive RF tags and range-finding radar systems

Investigator: Joshua Frankel, M.A.Sc student, co-supervised with Dr. Vijay Devabhaktuni (U Toledo)