MATH110 – 001

Differential Calculus

Instructor: Ida Karimfazli
Lectures: Mon. Wed. Fri. 8-9am in MATH 100
Office hours: Mon. Wed 9-10am in LSK 300
Please refer to the common website for general info about this course.
We have weekly WebWork assignments which are common to all sections of the course and due on Mondays at 10pm.
The required textbook is Contemporary Calculus by Dale Hoffman (available for free under the Creative Commons license).

Week14: Lecture notes,
Supplementary note on optimization,
Quiz5 (Solution),
Practice exercises (optional)
Week13: Lecture notes,
Slides on linear approximation
Visualization of polynomial approx.
Week12: HW2.5 (mandatory)  HW2.5 (Solution)
Week11: Lecture notes,
Week10: Lecture notes,
Week9: Lecture notesSlides on L’Hopital’s rule  HW2.4 (mandatory)  Quiz3 (Solution)
Week8: Lecture notes, Slides on asymptotes, Supersonic skydiver
Tacoma Narrows Bridge collapse
Fish population cut in half since 1970s
Week7: Reading Weak HW2.3 (mandatory),
HW2.3 solution
Week6: Lecture notes (Feb. 10&12) Review questions
Week5: Lecture notes, Quiz2(Solution)
Week4: Lecture notes,
Week3: Lecture notes, Slides on local min/max HW2.2 (mandatory),
HW2.2 solution
Week2: Lecture notes,
Week1: Lecture notes, HW2.1 (mandatory), Practice exercises (optional)

Other resources
Looking for a place to study with your friends and have tutors around to answer your questions? Check out Math Learning Centre! You can also get help with you math and learning skill at PASS.
You can find the old exams here.
Also checkout the online textbook by Gilbert Strang, and the online book and lectures on mooculus by this team.
Midterm regrade request
If you feel that your quiz was not graded accurately, please download the Regrade Form, attach it to your quiz and give it to me by March 7. Do not write anything on the midterm. Add your notes only on the regrade form.